Interview with Kosta Du (CEO and founder of the African start-up Money Zebra)

In this video, we are talking with serial entrepreneur Kosta Du, founder of the African start-up Money Zebra, a marketplace that allows lending to people in Ghana through local intermediaries. 

Topics of dialogue:

  • History of Money Zebra creation
  • Why Africa?
  • Business model and MoneyZebra advantages
  • Potential interest rates on the platform
  • Auction model to make interest rate policy more democratic
  • About African development
  • About business in China
  • How long will growth last in Africa?
  • Risks on the platform

Key insights:

  • If at the moment your business is not too profitable or promising, it is never too late to change direction.
  • The charm of the business is that the intermediary, which is between the sender and the recipient, always receives its commission.
  • During Kosta’s immersion in the world of the FinTech, he had 6-7 unsuccessful attempts before a working model was found which turned out to be a product-market-fit. Overall, it took him about 2 years.
  • Africa is a dynamic market. As Costa lived in both China and Africa, he saw an opportunity to borrow from one country to another because of the difference in regulation and interest rates.
  • International transfers are made in seconds, which is one of the technological advantages of the startup.
  • Today’s Africa is completely out of line with most people’s expectations. Many countries have developed highway infrastructure, skyscrapers, banks, excellent hotels, etc. Africa’s economy is developing at a huge pace, being the second fastest growing economy in the world. It is also possible to do business in English with many people in Africa.
  • Business in Europe is very competitive, that is why FinTech companies are trying to find other, developing and not so regulated countries (Poland, Czech Republic, etc.).

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